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For many years, individuals who love the outdoors, seeking excitement, and those looking for a break from the daily grind have flocked to Shimla, often known as the “Queen of Hills.” There is a wealth of destinations just waiting to be discovered beyond the quaint capital of Himachal Pradesh. Together, let’s set out to explore the best locations close to Shimla that guarantee magic around every corner. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Shimla has a long and illustrious history that dates back to the British colonial era. You can opt for a package for Shimla from Delhi to travel comfortably on your budget. It is a well-liked resort because of its colonial architecture, nice weather, and picturesque surroundings. What about the treasures that surround this charming city, though?

Exploring the Region

You will be met by a tapestry of stunning scenery and enthralling attractions as you travel outside of Shimla. There is something for every tourist at every destination because they all provide a different kind of experience.


A short drive from Shimla will get you to Kufri, an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. Kufri, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, has a wide range of sports available, including summer horseback riding and winter skiing. The Himalayan Nature Park, which displays the region’s varied flora and fauna, offers an educational element. This is included in the Delhi Shimla package tours.


With its majestic appeal, Chail attracts history buffs. The Chail Palace, which was previously the Maharaja of Patiala’s summer residence, is a reminder of a bygone period. Take in the expansive vistas of the surrounding hills as you stroll around the royal grounds.


It offers a combination of exhilarating sports and tranquil scenery, making it a haven for adventure seekers. Mashobra is a paradise for people looking for an adrenaline rush, whether they choose to stroll through dense pine forests or go paragliding over verdant valleys.


With its immaculate scenery and well-known Naldehra Golf Course, Naldehra provides a tranquil haven. This charming town is the ideal place to unwind because it is surrounded by deodor trees. Adding a touch of refinement to the scenic magnificence is the golf course, which is among the oldest in India.


Fagu, perched at an altitude, treats visitors to mesmerizing views of apple orchards and terraced fields. The tranquility of this small hamlet makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the tourist hustle.


Delve into the cultural richness of Narkanda, known for its ancient temples and vibrant local traditions. The Hatu Mata Temple, situated at a dizzying height, provides panoramic views of the surroundings, making the journey culturally enriching and visually stunning.

The Ridge

The Ridge, with its architectural marvels and cultural events, offers a blend of history and modernity. Take a leisurely stroll along this prominent promenade to witness Gothic structures, Christ Church, and lively cultural gatherings. This is included in the sightseeing package for Shimla from Delhi.


For those seeking an offbeat experience, Tattapani is a hidden gem. Famous for its hot springs, it offers a relaxing retreat amidst nature. The therapeutic properties of the springs make it a unique destination for rejuvenation.


Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Shoghi for its rich biodiversity. Explore the Shoghi Eco Park, a haven for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts. The dense forests offer a chance to spot various species in their natural habitat.

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Rajgarh Valley

Known as the ‘Peach Bowl of Asia,’ Rajgarh Valley is a delight for fruit lovers. Orchards laden with apples, peaches, and plums create a mesmerizing landscape. Take a stroll through the orchards and indulge in fresh, organic fruits.

Chanshal Valley

Chanshal Valley offers untamed beauty and a challenging landscape for the genuinely daring. Perched at a high altitude, the Chanshal Pass offers expansive views of the surrounding mountains. For those who enjoy hiking and camping, it’s the perfect location.

Tara Devi Temple

Rising to the summit of a hill, Tara Devi Temple provides panoramic views of the Shivalik range in addition to spiritual tranquility. The temple’s peaceful setting makes it an ideal place for reflection, and the hike there is quite gratifying. You can also add this to the Delhi Shimla package tours.


Take a scenic drive to Nahan, a charming town surrounded by lush greenery. The Jagannath Temple and Rani Tal are must-visit attractions, offering a peaceful retreat and beautiful views.

Shopping Extravaganza: Mall Road

Take pleasure in Mall Road’s various shops to indulge in a shopping spree of handcrafted goods and souvenirs from the area. Every taste is satisfied by the diverse market, which offers everything from traditional Himachali clothing to handcrafted jewelry.

Culinary Delights: Local Cuisine

Enjoy the delectable tastes of Himachali cuisine by trying out dishes like Babru, Sidu, and Kaale Chane Ka Khatta. In Shimla and the surrounding areas, the restaurants offer a culinary experience that accentuates the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Accommodation Options

There are various lodging options in the areas near Shimla, regardless of your preference for opulent resorts or quaint guesthouses. Take in the breathtaking scenery around you while being treated with kind hospitality.

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Travel Tips for a Memorable Trip

Before you embark on this enchanting journey, here are some essential travel tips. From weather considerations to local customs, these insights ensure a seamless and memorable experience. Before you embark on this enchanting journey, here are some additional travel tips:

  • Carry comfortable clothing suitable for varying temperatures.
  • Check the opening hours of specific attractions.
  • Engage with locals to discover hidden gems and local insights.

Seasonal Considerations

Discover the best times to visit each destination near Shimla. Whether you’re a fan of snow-covered landscapes or blooming meadows, understanding the seasonal variations adds an extra layer of planning to your trip.


In conclusion, the places near Shimla are a testament to the diversity and beauty that Himachal Pradesh offers. From the adventure-packed terrains to the serene retreats, each destination adds a unique flavor to your travel experience. Just book a package for Shimla from Delhi offered by Lock Your Trip and embark on your memorable journey.

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