A romantic escapade to Places in Shimla for honeymoon

places in shimla for honeymoon

One of the most sought-after locations in India for honeymoons is Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This hill station is well-known for its picturesque surroundings, great weather, and old-world charm. In addition, places in Shimla for honeymoon offer a range of activities including shopping, sightseeing, and trekking.

The state capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, is a charming hill town tucked away in the magnificent Himalayas. Reputable for its enduring beauty, mild weather, and historical charm, Shimla is an ideal location for honeymooners looking for an exclusive getaway. 

The enchanted Shimla honeymoon places will be discussed in this post to help couples make priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

places in shimla for honeymoon

Here are some of the top locations to see if you’re thinking about taking a honeymoon in Shimla:

  • The Ridge: It is a sizable open area located in the center of Shimla. Tourists frequently visit this location to take in the views of the nearby mountains and valleys. In addition, The Ridge has a large variety of stores, eateries, and cafés.
  • Mall Road: It is a pedestrian-only roadway that has cafés, restaurants, and retail establishments lining it.
  • Jakhoo Hill: Shimla’s highest point is Jakhoo Hill. It provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the city. Jakhoo Hill is also the location of a well-known pilgrimage destination, the Hanuman temple.
  • Kufri: About 13 kilometers separate from Kufri, a hill station, from Shimla. It is a well-liked travel location that offers adventure activities and breathtaking scenery. Other attractions in Kufri include the Jakhu Temple, the Mahasu Ridge, and the Himalayan Nature Park.
  • Chail: About 45 kilometers separate the hill station of Chail from Shimla. It’s a serene location that would be ideal for a leisurely honeymoon. In addition, Chail is home to several attractions, including the Cricket Ground, Chail Palace, and Chail Sanctuary.
  • It’s a nice area to wander and take in Shimla’s ambiance. Several historic structures, including the Christ Church and the Gaiety Theatre, may also be found on Mall Road.

An agenda for a potential five-day honeymoon in Shimla is as follows:

Day 1: Get to Shimla and register at your lodging. Explore Mall Road and the Ridge in the afternoon. Enjoy supper at one of the numerous eateries along Mall Road in the evening.

Day 2: See the Hanuman temple and Jakhoo Hill. Wander around the Chadwick Falls in the afternoon. Savor a romantic supper at one of the numerous eateries that overlooks the city in the evening.

Day 3: Visit Kufri for the day. See the Jakhu Temple, the Mahasu Ridge, and the Himalayan Nature Park. Return to Shimla in the evening and have a restful night at your hotel.

Day 4: Visit Chail for a half-day. See the Cricket Ground, the Chail Palace, and the Chail Sanctuary. Come back to Shimla in the afternoon and shop on Mall Road. Have a goodbye meal at one of the many eateries on Mall Road in the evening.

Day 5: Leave Shimla behind.

Here are some more Shimla honeymoon places that are suitable for honeymooners in addition to those already listed:

  1. Annandale: 8 kilometers from Shimla lies the meadow known as Annandale. Picnics and other enthralling activities are very common at Annandale.
  2. Tattapani: Approx 60 kilometers from Shimla lies Tattapani, a hot spring. It’s a fantastic spot to unwind and refresh.
  3. Mashobra: About 13 kilometers separate Mashobra, a hill station, from Shimla. It’s a serene location that would be ideal for a leisurely honeymoon.
  4. Narkanda: It’s 60 kilometers from Shimla, Narkanda is a hill station. It is a well-liked location among Shimla honeymoon places for winter activities like skiing.

Activities for a Honeymoon in Shimla

On their honeymoon, couples can engage in a variety of different activities in Shimla besides sightseeing. Here are some suggestions:

  • Trekking: A fantastic place to start your journey is Shimla. There are several hikes available for couples, with differing degrees of difficulty. The Jakhoo Hill, Chadwick Falls, and Hatu Peak climbs are a few of the well-liked hikes.
  • Shopping: Shimla is an excellent destination for souvenirs and general retail therapy. Shops providing a range of products, such as jewelry, clothing, and handicrafts, along the Mall Road.
  • Spa services: Shimla is home to several spas that provide a range of services, such as body wraps, facials, and massages. To relax and unwind, couples might indulge in a spa treatment together.
  • Romantic meals: Several restaurants in Shimla provide romantic dining options. There are many romantic places with views of the city where couples may have supper by candlelight.

You must also explore the enchanting waterfalls near Shimla, which will surely captivate you with the magic they hold. 

Shimla Waterfall provides a wonderful getaway into the arms of nature with their calming noises, captivating visuals, and tranquil atmosphere.

What’s included in our package? 

  • Lodging at luxurious hotels that provide a daily breakfast.
  • Guided tour of the city that includes the main sights.
  • Adventure-filled day excursion to Kufri.
  • Travel to Summer Hill to unwind.
  • Transportation and touring in a cozy, air-conditioned car.
  • Skilled and experienced tour leader.
  • All relevant taxes and fees for services.


  • Rail or airfare tickets.
  • Personal costs include phone bills, laundry, and tipping.
  • Extra meals and activities that aren’t on the schedule.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Any costs resulting from unanticipated events, such as rail or airplane delays or cancellations.

Note: You can alter this schedule to suit your interests and preferences. Get in touch with us to customize the package to your needs and design a unique Shimla experience that you will always treasure.

Last words

A honeymoon in Shimla is more than simply a trip; it’s a wonderful adventure full of romance, excitement, and lifelong memories. With its breathtaking scenery, old-world charm, exciting adventures, mouthwatering cuisine, and comfortable lodgings, Shimla honeymoon places provide the ideal atmosphere for couples to celebrate their love and start their marriage on a high note. So gather your belongings, set out on this enchanting journey, and let Shimla work its magic, turning your honeymoon into a memory that will last a lifetime.

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