Coorg Family Packages: Blissful Retreats with Lock Your Trip

coorg family packages

For an impeccable vacation at Coorg, avail yourself of our seamless travel packages as per your budget and interest. We at Lock Your Trip provide expert-made itineraries and inexpensive Coorg Family packages to visitors around the globe. 

If you are also planning for amazing Coorg holidays, continue reading this guide showcasing the major attractions of Coorg, the best time to visit, how to travel, accommodations, and much more. 

Coorg is often referred to as the Scotland of India because of its enchanting hills, aromatic coffee & tea plantations, amazing valleys, etc. It’s a very popular place to enjoy vacations for everyone. 

Locations to See on a Coorg Trip:

Coorg is endowed with some picturesque, natural, and holy locations. Some of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Coorg include Dubare Elephant Camp, Abbey Falls, Raja’s Seat, Talakaveri, Golden Temple at Bylakuppe, Omkareshwara Temple, Iruppu Falls, and Nagarhole National Park.

Dubare Elephant Camp: Located on the banks of the Cauvery River lies the elephant training facility known as Dubare Elephant Camp. Cauvery River created the naturally occurring island of Dubare. It is one of the must-see locations in India wildlife trip packages and serves as a vital home for the elephants maintained by the Karnataka Forest Department.

Abbey Falls: The Western Ghats mountains cradle a beautiful waterfall in Coorg. No Coorg tour package is complete without Abbi Falls, a well-loved sight for visitors The British named Abbey Waterfalls after Jessy, the daughter of Madikeri’s first British Captain Chaplain.

Raja’s Seat: In the charming hill town of Madikeri, Coorg, Raja’s Seat is a well-liked vantage point south of Madikeri Fort. This is a well-known Madikeri sunset spot in addition to being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Coorg. Four pillars joined by arches support the brick-and-mortar Raja’s Seat, also known as the Seat of Kings. Built at a high altitude, it offers a spectacular view of the valleys and cliffs. The King of Coorg used to enjoy relaxing in this beautiful location.

Talakaveri: The Cauvery River in Karnataka originates in Talakaveri. It is located at a height of 1276 meters on the Brahmagiri mountain ranges’ slopes close to Bhagamandala. Cauvery Kundike, also known as Brahma Kundike, is a square pond located near Talacauvery that is said to be the birthplace of the River Cauvery. River Cauvery vanishes down here and resurfaces as a perennial spring. At Nagathirtha, close to Bhagamandala, the River Cauvery reemerges. At Triveni Sangam, it connects with the Sujyoti and Kannike rivers.


Golden Temple-Bylakuppe: The stunning Buddhist monastery known as Namdroling Monastery is located in Bylakuppe. After Dharamshala, it is the second-largest Tibetan settlement in India. The Bylakuppe Tibetan Refugee Settlement Area was founded in 1961 by Lugsum Samdupling and in 1969 by Dickyi Larsoe. It is located near the Bangalore – Coorg highway, west of the Mysore district. The majestic Namdroling Monastery is the major draw for tourists. Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche founded the Namdroling Monastery, also known as the Golden Temple, in 1963.

Omkareshwara Temple: In Madikeri, next to Madikeri Fort, lies the historic and majestic Omkareshwara Temple. It is among the most popular pilgrimage sites in Madikeri. Lingarajendra constructed the Omkareshwara Temple in 1820 CE, dedicating it to Lord Shiva. The priests transported the shivlinga from Kashi to the temple.

The perfect time to visit Coorg: 

Though Coorg has beautiful weather all year round, the best seasons to visit Coorg to take in the true grandeur of the area are after the monsoon and before the summer. During this time, Coorg has lush vegetation and the waterfalls are also spectacular. Additionally, aquatic adventure activities like river rafting are frequently available. The summer is nice as well as the busiest month of the year. Also, this is the ideal time to see Nagarhole’s animals.  Keep in mind that you cannot book Nagarhole safari tickets online.

A glimpse into Coorg trip plan for 3 days

Families of all ages may look forward to an incredible vacation with our Coorg tour packages for 3 days. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds singing, the scent of freshly brewed coffee filling the air, and the foggy hills as your morning symphony. Every family member has access to a wide range of engaging experiences and thrilling activities every day to suit their varied interests. 

Coorgi cuisine: 

Coorg is famous for its delicious food including classic recipes like rice dumplings called Kadumbuttu, pig curry (Pandi curry), and bamboo shoot curry. Since Coorg is also a significant coffee-producing region, don’t forget to taste the local brew.

Coorg has something for everyone: 

  • For those looking for extreme excitement, consider adding on extra activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, or hiking.
  • For those who enjoy the outdoors: go birding, explore secret waterfalls, or have a picnic amid nature. 
  • For those who love culture, consider going to a traditional Coorgi wedding or exploring historical locations like the Tibetan Golden Temple or Nisargadhama Forest Park.

Why choose us?

Lock Your Trip is your ultimate traveling partner that guides you to different tourist spots in India as well as provides customized travel bookings according to your budget and preferences. Feel free to make a tour reservation directly from our website and grab the discounted offers now. 
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Wrapping up

A Coorg family package provides the right fusion of adventure, culture, and nature, making it the perfect place for a special vacation. Coorg guarantees that every member of the family will experience a harmonic balance of excitement and relaxation, whether you’re exploring waterfalls, enjoying coffee in the plantations, or participating in cultural events. Accept Coorg’s captivating allure and allow it to create a tapestry of priceless moments that your family will treasure forever.

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