Coorg family package and embrace the beauty of this land

Coorg family package

Are you itching for a vacation that offers amazing scenery, exhilarating activities, and touching cultural encounters? Look no further than Coorg, which is located in Karnataka, India, tucked away in the Western Ghats. This “Scotland of India” is a hidden gem of beauty that is just waiting to be discovered with your loved ones. It’s not only about verdant hills and tumbling waterfalls. Take advantage of our well-designed Coorg family package to make your trip genuinely unforgettable. 

Give yourself up to the embrace of nature:

Take a dawn hike to start your day: As you ascend Tadiandamol, Madikeri’s tallest peak, you may take in the clean mountain air. See the valleys turned gold and orange by the setting sun, leaving a memory that will last a lifetime in your hearts.

Let your inner adventurer out: Take a thrilling jeep safari through lush spice and coffee fields. Look out for lively monkeys, exotic birds, and maybe even a gorgeous tiger!

Accept the enchantment of waterfalls by swimming in the cool waters of Iruppu Falls, which are tucked away among a verdant landscape. Bring a picnic basket and spend the day relaxing, having fun, and soaking up the atmosphere.

Take a relaxing boat ride and paddle over the placid Talakaveri Lake, which is the Kaveri River’s source. Discover vibrant birds flying among the trees and immerse yourself in the peace of the environment.

There’s an adventure for all ages:

For those who can’t get enough adrenaline, try whitewater rafting on the Barapole River to get your heart pumping.  As you overcome the currents, go over gushing rapids and experience the thrilling spray of water.

For aspiring naturalists: Take part in a nature tour guided by knowledgeable locals. Discover the rich biodiversity of Coorg, from enormous trees to unusual creatures. See animals munching in the meadows and take in the captivating cries of the birds.

History lovers should visit the Madikeri Fort, a wonder from the 17th century, to travel back in time. Discover its dungeons and ramparts, and conjure up the stories of past ages and wars that they may hold.

For the younger ones: Visit the Dubare Elephant Camp and let their imaginations run wild. Discover more about these gentle giants, have a short ride on their backs, and watch them joyously wash in the river.

Experience Coorg’s flavors:

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Savor a customary Coorgi feast: Taste the fragrant Kadle Curry, the melt-in-your-mouth Akki Roti, and the hot Pandi Curry. A great way to finish your dinner is to taste the local filter coffee, which you shouldn’t miss. 

See a plantation of spices: Discover how to grow and prepare spices including cloves, pepper, and cardamom. Inhale the delightful scent and select some aromatic mementos to bring back home. Also, grab our seasonal Coorg family package from Bangalore for an enchanting trip to the “scotland of India”. 

Take a cooking lesson in Coorgi to learn how to prepare some delectable regional cuisine and give cooking a try. Show off your newly acquired cooking abilities to your relatives back home.

Relax and establish a connection:

Curl up by a bonfire: As the crackling fire warms your surroundings, tell tales and laugh aloud.

Take care of yourself in an Ayurvedic spa: Indulge in revitalizing massages and conventional treatments made with locally grown herbs and oils. Come out of it feeling renewed and invigorated.

Establish a connection with the neighborhood: Come to a village in Coorgi and feel their friendliness. Discover more about their traditions and rituals, and consider taking a stab at weaving or pottery-making with our Coorg family package from Mumbai and discover more. 

Beyond the itinerary:

This Coorg family package is only the beginning. Allow your adventurous personality to lead the way. Explore secret waterfalls, unearth historic temples nestled into the hills, or just unwind in a hammock with a view of a coffee farm. Everyone can find something to like in Coorg, and there are countless opportunities for adventure.

Here are some more suggestions for organizing your family’s trip to Coorg:

The best time to visit Coorg is between October and March when the sky is clear and the temperature is nice.

Accommodations: A range of alternatives are available, including eco-lodges, homestays, and opulent resorts.

For maximum freedom, rent a vehicle or jeep when moving around. Moreover, public transportation is offered, however, it can be limited. 

Motels and Coorg Family Getaways:


Choosing a homestay will allow your family to fully experience the local way of life, complete with kind hosts and genuine Kodava experiences. Coorg family packages frequently provide cozy, kid-friendly lodgings that can accommodate a range of age groups.

Tours with a guide:

To get the most out of your family vacation to Coorg, think about selecting a Coorg family package that includes excursions with a guide. Experienced guides may make the trip more enjoyable by sharing their views about the history, culture, and natural beauties of the area.

Some packing advice for your trip to Coorg:

Comfortable attire: Bring layers for the chilly evenings and pack for all possible weather conditions. Remember to pack sturdy shoes for your exploration and trekking.

Rain gear: Since Coorg experiences a lot of rain, having a waterproof jacket or umbrella is a must. Use insect repellent and sunscreen to shield yourself from the sun and bothersome insects.

First-aid package: Expect some minor cuts and bruises.

Binoculars with a camera: Take in Coorg’s splendor and easily locate animals.

Books and board games: When there’s any downtime, keep the family occupied.

In addition to the package, below are a few other activities for various interests.

For foodies: Discover the local ingredients and cooking techniques by going on a culinary tour of Coorg. Go to the market and sample some unusual fruits and vegetables. 

For the artists: Take a painting or photography class to capture the spirit of Coorg.

Discover the Namdroling Monastery, the biggest Tibetan monastery in India, if you’re a spiritual seeker. Take part in a meditation class or just take in the tranquil environment.

For those seeking excitement, consider going on a night safari at Nagarhole National Park to observe owls and leopards, among other nocturnal creatures.

Generating enduring memories:

A Coorg family package is an experience rather than merely a trip. It’s an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with family and friends, make enduring memories, and unearth a secret treasure in India. So prepare for an incredible journey in the country of verdant hills and boundless beauty by packing your luggage, gathering your loved ones, and setting out.

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